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“Lord McGroundwork’s Team Castle is excellent!
We have had the pleasure of using it with our clients here in Canada so very positive reviews.
It is fun while also providing very deep reflective opportunities and learning for both team development and leadership.”
Tamara Eberle

Certified Professional Facilitator | Master, Traction Strategy

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Lord McGroundwork's Teamcastle

Build a valuable groundwork for your individual team development process with this game and get to know the 5 core competencies for successful teams.


Lord McGroundwork's Perspectives Ping Pong

The perfect game to easily learn the perspectives from others.
Send a mail to office@groundwork.team to buy one game for 57€.


Lord McGroundwork's Onboarding Shipyard

This Board game is still in the development process.
More information is coming soon.


We help you develop your personal business learning game

Are you interested in your own business learning game, highlighting a specific topic?
We offer advice or develop your unique business learning game together with you.
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